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Montage of Media PR imagesToday’s small, medium and home-based businesses owners often lack the time, experience and staff needed to make their companies stand out in a crowded marketplace. So do larger companies who lack in-house communications and marketing staff, but are unwilling to pay the high fees demanded by conventional agencies.

In today’s challenging economic climate, we know many of you spend your days chasing after clients, providing service and selling goods. At the same time, you’re trying stay a step or two ahead of the competition. So you’re just too busy to find  the time needed to promote your business.

That’s where we can help. At The Creative Concepts Group, here’s how we  ensure you stand out and get noticed:

    • We take care of all your writing needs. Our team is experienced in writing articles for magazines, newspapers, trade publication, sales brochures, posting on social media or writing copy for your new website. We can help you avoid death by PowerPoint by writing your presentations, coaching you on how to be a dynamic speaker and creating visual displays that enhance your presentation at staff workshops, client/sales meetings and even that breakfast speech at the Board of Trade. Learn More
    • Man stands in front of cameras during media interview We help you avoid foot in mouth media disasters. We prep you and your team on how to answer questions from the media during interviews or a full blown news conference. We have experience in crises management to coach you on how to stay on message to get your side of the story out and on the record when your company might be embroiled in controversy. For all your public speaking needs, we coach you on how to tell your company’s  story and deliver a memorable speech. Learn More
    • We develop a public relations strategy to design a campaign to promote your company’s brand that sets you apart from the competition. We produce videos that will visually tell your story through the power of words and images. Our media savvy consultants are former print and broadcast executives from CFRB, CTV, PBS, and leading newspapers and magazines. They’ll craft press releases to attract the attention of journalists to tell your story on radio, TV, newspapers and online. Learn More

For more information about how we get you noticed in a crowded marketplace, call us today at 905-853-5778 or email learnmore@thecreativeconceptsgroup.ca to book your free consultation.

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