How We Make Media Work For You

Put our team to work to enhance the visibility of your brand through media. We provide you with our top-notch expertise previously available only to much larger companies paying much larger fees.

Today, media is more than just radio, TV and newspapers. Businesses of all sizes need to leverage all the possibilities of conventional and new media in a custom plan that we’ll handcraft just for you. Whether it’s a website, a PR strategy, or finding new customers through “lookalike audiences” of your existing database through Facebook ads, we are here for you.

Man and woman at a computer working on multi media campaign

A multi-media strategy is how we help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    • We developed an overall plan for a weight loss company to find new clients. We used radio ads, backed up by our expertise, to tell their story on a website, Facebook, Twitter and a YouTube channel of video testimonials we produced.
    • We’ve helped non-profit organizations like food banks, breakfast clubs and other charities raise much-needed funds by: building their websites; producing publicity brochures, videos, and newsletters; and managing email campaigns to update donors on how their money was making a difference in the community.
    • We raised awareness of a water purification company by: developing their website; producing a video that demonstrated how their technology works; and creating brochures about their different water purification products.

Our approach is comprehensive and holistic. We can:

    • Develop websites that get you and your company noticed online
    • Write articles for newspapers, magazines and trade publications to establish you and your company as expert authorities in your field
    • Provide copywriting services for sales collateral, brochures, email marketing campaigns, online product landing pages and commercials for radio and TV campaigns
    • Write engaging blogs to raise you and your company’s profile
    • Shoot photos for your website, online profiles, brochures and promotional materials
    • Produce videos to visually tell your story and your company’s through the power of images
    • Provide media coaching on how to do an interview, answer questions at a press conference or talk on camera when shooting a company video
    • Coach you on the art of storytelling to be an authoritative, entertaining and compelling speaker or company ambassador
    • Brand your product or services through various media platforms

For more information on how to be great in media and get you noticed in a crowded marketplace, give us a call today at 905-853-5778 or email to book your free consultation.

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