Improving Your Organization’s Performance

Using Kolbe creates better team work in business meetings

True leaders give people the freedom to be themselves. Using a time-proven approach developed by Kolbe Corp, the world’s leading provider of instinct-based performance forecasting software, we provide executives, entrepreneurs and managers powerful new ways to develop as leaders, maximize their team’s strengths and improve performance.

With Kolbe Corp’s analytical tools and our expertise as Kolbe Certified Consultants, we can help you improve your performance and your business’s profitability.

Leaders who use the Kolbe System™: 

• Experience increased Kolbe energy and productivity
• Recognize and leverage their innate talents and those of their team
• Assign jobs suited to instinctive strengths
• Build synergistic teams
• Reduce obstacles that cause debilitating stress and potential burn out
• Improve communication

Select and Maximize Talent

Kolbe makes finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. Using Kolbe RightFit™, we provide “the missing link” in the hiring process: the rating of candidates based on their natural instincts.

Rigkolbe_logo_sidebarhtFit™ is Kolbe’s statistically proven hiring tool that helps companies screen and select the best job applicants. Instead of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform, RightFit helps you identify the required methods of operation, or profile, of the ideal candidate. The software then ranks each candidate based on how well their individual instincts compare to the requirements for success in a given role. RightFit can also be used to select individuals who match the methods of proven high-performers, as well as individuals who can fill a critical gap on a team.

Using Kolbe’s approach, we can help you save money and reduce turnover.

There’s a type of stress people don’t talk about: the stress of trying to act like somebody other than your true self.

How Kolbe works

Kolbe can help you relieve this burden by showing you how to be free to be yourself. Identifying your natural talents will help you understand how you do your best work and why certain things come so easily to you while others do not. You will learn toemphasize the things that come most naturally to you and stop fighting your natural instincts.

Build and Manage Teams

Synergy doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes the right mix of instinctive talents in the right roles. Kolbe identifies this formula for success with an extraordinary level of accuracy and detail with comprehensive Leadership Analytics™ Solutions, which offer a quantifiable diagnosis of obstacles to team productivity and efficiency.

What happens when the “best and brightest” fail?

Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics solutions identifies the cause of team productivity problems and delivers strategies to solve them. By using Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics, we can help you:

• Reduce sources of conflict
• Break through group inertia and organizational paralysis
• Align team member expectations with supervisor requirements
• Inventory the collection of instinctive strengths on the team
• Improve communication
• Accomplish more with fewer people
• Reduce turnover
• Improve individual and group productivity

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