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Shining light bulb is the logo for the company blog at The Creative Concepts GroupNo one knows your business better than you do.

So, why not write a blog on your website to tell stories about your products or services?  A blog is a great tool to help people solve a problem by sharing your expertise. Give them a solution to their problem and they’ll remember you when it’s time to buy your product.

Treat the company blog as a billboard to capture the attention of internet search engines to point potential clients to your website. Your blog is an important vehicle to tell stories about your business. Blogs help generate repeat visits to your company website. They may be coming to your website for the blog but they are also being exposed to all that your company has to offer.

Writing a blog is easier than most people think. Don’t be scared off blogging because you think you have to write a long essay. The truth of the matter is: the shorter, the better. This is also not a daily writing assignment.  The shelve life of a blog is about one to two weeks.

So, what do you blog about? Anything that promotes different facets of your company, especially if you can provide a solution to a problem that will help a potential client.

Coming up with ideas for a blog is no different than how you create business strategy. It all starts with a single thought that inspires you to come up with a new way to improve the business, pitch a client, to create a new product or even come up with a topic for your blog.

Writing a blog or coming up with solutions for problems at work, is like anything else in life: you have to be in the mood to do it. You can’t force creativity. It happens when it happens. It can be at three in the morning while you’re lying in bed with all these thoughts bouncing around in your head. Don’t try to go back to sleep.

Your brain is telling you it wants to be creative. It doesn’t want you to go back to sleep. It won’t let you go back to sleep because it’s generating all these ideas that you’ve been trying to come up with during the day. So get out of bed and let those creative juices flow to resolve whatever is on your mind, including writing the blog.

Ever notice how you get some of your best ideas in the shower or while mowing the lawn? That’s because taking a shower or mowing the lawn is a mindless task. Your brain doesn’t like to idle for too long, so it starts dealing with things that have been on your mind. Before long that mindless task of taking a shower or mowing the lawn lets your brain kick into the creative mode that unlocks writers block or offers a solution to the problem you’ve been wrestling with.

If you were struggling to come up with a blog topic, chances are this is when you have the answer to what you want to write about. This is the time to start writing your blog. The trick is stay focused. Remember: one idea, one blog. Just expand on the thought or the idea to tell your story.

Once your blog is posted, remember to promote it. Include a link to the blog in any of your company social media postings. Use your company email list to send out information about the new blog and its link to your website. Remember, you’re not just sending potential clients to the blog, you’re also giving them a reason to check out your company website.

At The Creative Concepts Group we understand that writing isn’t everyone’s thing. Fair enough. Maybe your energy is best focused on building your business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blog on your company website. Call us today at 905-853-5778 or email to book a free consultation on how we can write the blog for you.

Steve Kowch

Managing Partner of The Creative Concepts Group

Telephone: 647-521-6397


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