How to avoid website Oops Pages

Lightbulb IIWe all make mistakes. It’s why typos appear in publications including our favourite daily newspaper – and they have editors who try to prevent these kind of mistakes. Luckily, for the publications,  most of us who are not English teachers don’t catch all these mistakes. That’s because our brain tends to project the intended message and doesn’t always let typos jump out at us. But what happens when a potential client is on your website, clicks on a page tab they want to read and this pops up:

oops page

The Oops Page is a company’s worst nightmare. That website you created to showcase your expertise has just become a billboard to be used by your competition to exploit your lack of attention to detail.

Here is a three-step process to ensure this doesn’t happen to your company website.

  1. Before launching the website, click every link, every tab and ALL pages to make sure there are no broken links, no missing pages or blocked images. Haste makes waste!
  2. Make sure, for every page tab there is content. In this case study,  the company launched its website before posting its first blog. The blog helps attract visitors (aka potential clients) to your website.
  3. Don’t promote your new website on social media, emails or a media release until the website passes this three-step process (we didn’t know about this website until we saw it on social media).

Steve Kowch is a Managing Partner at The Creative Concepts Group

The creation of a website is key to your company’s success in today’s multi-platform business universe. Contact The Creative Concepts Group at 905-853-5778 or email for a free consultation on how we can help you avoid Oops Pages on your new website.

Steve Kowch

Managing Partner of The Creative Concepts Group

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