Marketing campaigns start with a list

The light bulb is part of the marketing campaign for The Creative Concepts GroupHere is something many small and medium sized businesses or entrepreneurs don’t do when trying to market their goods and services. They don’t create a list to zero in on what exactly their company does and who their products and services are for. A successful marketing campaign starts with a list of what your business does and who your potential clients are. That list will help you spend wisely and not waste money on a campaign that isn’t designed to meet your needs. Here is what you need to include in your list:

  • Identify what your company manufactures, produces, sells or the services it offers to clients.
  • Explain why are you manufacturing the product or offering the service
  • Explain why someone needs your product or service and what would they do with it
  • Identify when people need your product or service.  If it is seasonal, write down the months clients buy it.
  • Identify who buys your products or services: women, men and include their age group (10 year range)
  • Identify the cultural communities in order of importance in terms of sales.
  • Include anything else that you think is important to include in this list.

With this list, you will have a better idea about who is buying your product, when, why and how old they are. This makes  it easier to target your marketing campaign to potential clients.

Here is a secret to beating the competition. Don’t ignore the cultural communities. Canada is a mosaic of languages and culture. You need to tap into these multicultural communities with your marketing.

Advertising on ethnic radio stations is very inexpensive compared to mainstream radio. Most likely, your competition isn’t reaching out to the different communities. So your marketing message will have an exclusive reach.

With your list, you will know the demos of your customers. Chances are, your product and services can also be used by younger clients.  You may be invisible to that generation who can help increase sales if you know where to reach out to them. The common denominator to reaching younger clients is online through their smart phones, tablets, social media and on YouTube.

At The Creative Concepts Group, we can help you come up with big ideas for big results for your business. Contact The Creative Concepts Group at 905-853-5778 or email for a free consultation on how we can help you plan a marketing campaign.

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