We Harness The Power Of The Web For You

Man on computer working on digital strategy for companyNo matter its size, your business must have a well-developed and executed online strategy. Gone are the days when web strategy was the exclusive domain of big companies or online-only business.

Quite simply, if you don’t have a web strategy, you risk being left behind as your competitors do a better job of recruiting and retaining customers.

It’s all about the power of connection.

We help everyone from home businesses to entrepreneurs, to large businesses harness the power of the web. For instance, here’s what we did for Imperial Coffee, a leading office coffee distributor in Ontario, Canada:

    • developed a new website
    • ensured the company ranked highly in Google for its key search terms
    • found new customers by finding “lookalike” audiences and then targeting Facebook ads to the new prospects and converting them into paying, long-term customers. No wonder an executive writes:

“Our recently revised website has generated increased leads, which has led to increased sales. We are extremely happy with the results. You are thorough, knowledgeable and creative. We are delighted to recommend you.”

We have the solution to give your business the competitive edge online. Let us show you how our big ideas for big results for your business help.

    • It starts with a look at what your company is doing online including an evaluation of your existing website and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. What is the lay of the land and how does your company compare to what the competition is doing online? We also look for realistic online opportunities for your company.
    • The next step is to design a digital strategy that meets the goals of your company and fits your budget. There are no cookie cutter approaches at The Creative Concepts Group. What we do is all about helping you take your online business to reach its full potential in a year, five years or more into the future.
    • We do this with our web design services to create or upgrade a company website that will boost sales and profit.
    • We write the web copy to tell your story and can shoot the videos and photos to illustrate all that your company offers.
    • We have leading experts in search engine optimization (SEO) to help boost the position of your new website on the pages of search engines.
    • Our technical team takes care of launching the new site or making the transfer from an existing website.
    • Our digital strategy includes social media. Our social media team has the expertise to create company pages that complements your company website.
    • We offer easy to follow instructions on how and when to update your website and post new messages on your company social media accounts. This provides the flexibility for you and your staff to make the updates when it makes sense for your business. Or, if you prefer, we can perform these services for you.

Our enhanced online service:

    • Our team can write a company blog that shares your company’s expertise to generate more visits to your website.
    • Our team can write the updates to promote new goods or services available on your website and post them online
    • Our team can write and post updates on social media accounts to push followers to your website when it is updated or a new blog is posted.

The Creative Concepts Group has the expertise to develop digital strategies that work for entrepreneurs, at home business professionals, start-ups, commercial enterprises and established small and medium sized businesses that want to upgrade its online services. Let us share our big ideas for big results for your business. Call us today at 905-853-5778 or email learnmore@thecreativeconceptsgroup.ca to book a free consultation on how to harness the power of the web for your business.

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