It All Starts With The Writing

Sign asks What Is Your StoryNeed something written? We’ll do it for you — quickly, efficiently and professionally — in a way that increases profitability and enhances your company’s reputation.

So do what you do best: run your company. And leave the writing to us.

Let’s say your staff is responsible for updating the company website and social media accounts, along with creating PowerPoint presentations, sales brochures, and maybe even talking points for speeches or media interviews. And all this is on top of what they were hired to do in the first place.

No wonder they get overwhelmed and lose focus. And you end up with material that at times, is substandard.

Or maybe your company is just you. Maybe writing isn’t your forte. You need to be focusing on those activities that only you can do (i.e. those necessary income-producing actions that affect your bottom-line) and where you really shine. For other tasks, turn to us.

Our team of expert writers will ensure you always put your best foot forward. For example, we wrote all the copy and case studies for, a major translation and global marketing business. The company president then approved the copy, making only minor changes.

Here are some other examples of our writing expertise:

    • Writing successful applications to the CRTC to launch new radio stations
    • Video script writing for an environmental company and a food service company
    • Writing sales brochures targeting national and international clients
    • Writing fundraising brochures for non-profits
    • Creating websites and writing the web copy for non-profits
    • Ghostwriting blog posts for the CEO of an investment firm
    • Social Media Writing for all platforms including  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Writing press releases that promoted an internationally renowned leading subject matter expert in the health and fitness field (who is himself a distinguished author, but understands the importance of prioritizing his time)

Whatever your company’s size and budget, we can help you with:

    • Web Contentwriting a story on a computer
    • Blogging
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Ghostwriting (eBook or book)
    • Social Media Writing
    • Speeches
    • Scripts (presentations, videos, webinars)
    • Articles
    • Case Studies
    • Newsletters and e-Newsletters
    • Press Releases
    • Advertorials
    • Direct Mail and Brochures
    • White Papers
    • Business and Sales Letters

For more information about our creative writing services and how we get you noticed in a crowded marketplace, give us a call today at 905-853-5778 or email to book your free consultation.

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