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Seven Steps To Delegate Successfully

Delegating and MentoringMost entrepreneurs spend less than 30% of their time focusing on their natural talents. In fact, by the time they’ve launched a business, it often seems entrepreneurs are doing everything but the one thing they went into business for in the first place. Don’t let this happen to you.

There are only 24 hours in the day. The problem with doing it all is that you’ll eventually run out of time and energy, then you’re stuck! How can you take your business to the next level if you’re doing it all yourself? It’s unrealistic.

There’s a ceiling you hit—a plateau. Then things start to break down: your health suffers, relationships deteriorate, you’re no longer getting back to your customers in a timely manner, there’s no free time—you get the picture. Is it easy or difficult to focus and be creative when you’re depleted of energy and burnt out? Difficult – right? When you delegate the things you loathe doing, those tasks that are so painful you end up putting them off, or those areas that are not your expertise—you get to concentrate on doing what’re great at. In addition, you free up your time so that you increase productivity and enjoy life more.

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Five Rules To Help Grow Your Business In 2016 That Work

The light bulb is the 2016 logo for The Creative Concepts GroupIf 2015 was a bad year for your business, here are five rules to live by to grow your business and prosper in 2016 that work.

Rule Number One: You can’t grow your business if you’re a hostage of 2015. Stop looking in the rear view mirror of life and concentrate on what’s happening NOW! Otherwise, you won’t be able to take advantage of  opportunities coming your way in 2016. You can’t control the past. You can’t change the past. So the sooner you put 2015 behind you, the faster 2016 is the year to grow your business and prosper. Continue reading

Marketing campaigns start with a list

The light bulb is part of the marketing campaign for The Creative Concepts GroupHere is something many small and medium sized businesses or entrepreneurs don’t do when trying to market their goods and services. They don’t create a list to zero in on what exactly their company does and who their products and services are for. A successful marketing campaign starts with a list of what your business does and who your potential clients are. That list will help you spend wisely and not waste money on a campaign that isn’t designed to meet your needs. Here is what you need to include in your list:

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Three Things Small Business Owners Can Learn From Canadian Tire CEO

Lightbulb IIThe new CEO of Canadian Tire has some great ideas to grow his business that small and medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs should consider including in their future business  plans.  If it works for the big guys, it’s worth looking at to see how their big ideas can help generate big results for your business.

It’s not like you’re hacking into their boardroom computers to steal their ideas. Canadian Tire issued a news release about their new three-year plan on Canada News Wire.

“We can unlock tremendous growth in our existing businesses,” said Michael Medline, President and incoming CEO of Canadian Tire Corporation.  “Each of our businesses has a clear three-year vision for growth.”

So what exactly is Canadian Tire doing what small and medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs should be looking at? Continue reading